Thursday, May 26, 2011

We have MOVED!!!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Frost Wedding

To Mr and Mrs. Frost:
Since I now know that you are checking my blog on your Honeymoon!!! ha ha I thought I would post a little tid bit for you. That way tomorrow when you check it again you will have something new to read. I mean you can only watch the videos of my neighbors throwing rocks in our yard so many times! Enjoy!

My Friends Sear and Patrick Frost were Married July 10th 2009 and it was beautiful! I had the honor of being the first to see all her flowers as I picked them up for her! :) I actually didn't take too many pictures Gosh Darn IT! But here are a few! (I also took one from a facebook friend!)

Cup Cake Cakes get CUTER and CUTER ever time I see them!!! Job well done Sear!

The scrabble theme was evident throughout the entire wedding! So Fun!

The Beautiful Bride

Matron of Honor Andrea

Me and the Husband!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Welcome to Oregon Kristen!

So seeing as we had Friday off for the 4th and Kristen (my sister in law) and I are trying to decorate new houses with little to no money :) I decided to show her the ropes of Salem Estate/Garage sale-ing. She had so much fun and so did I. We were able to find quite a few treasures. At one point Kristen concluded that she thinks its just because Oregon people have way more junk/stuff than people in Arizona. Ha ha! Regardless One mans junk is another mans treasure!

Masking Tape?.....REALLY?!?

Brad found a window AC unit in my dads shop that wasn't being used and sense my dad loves when we take his stuff he loaded it up in his truck and decided to install in in our bedroom window. After trying to help and apparently "asking too many questions" I decided to back off for a minute or two while he tried to figure out the bracket thing on the bottom. We soon realized that the bolt wasn't long enough to support the unit and began brainstorming what we could "Add" to it. Brad cut two little pieces of 2x4's to help support it. Then he began rummaging around the house asking for duck tape. SERIOUSLY how trashy are we! :) He could only find masking tape and so he ran with it. The first try was not successful as the piece of wood flopped over to the other side. SO of course the only logical thing to do is add MORE tape.... wow. As of now it is working, but I'm waiting for the day that we get home and find the AC in the back yard.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What your neighbors do when they THINK you are at work!!!

So Tuesday I stayed home from work due to a sinus infection and apparently I have allergies wonderful huh? We have no AC in our lovely new home so our window in our bedroom is open the majority of the time. I was in bed trying to sleep and i kept on hearing some rustling around in the back yard. Finally after getting a little scared that someone was back there and I was home alone, I got up and looked out the window....The video below will describe what I saw.....(notice the little hole in the fencing on the bottom right hand side.)

I KNOW!!! I'm sure you are thinking about what I was as I woke up to this sight...HUH?!?! What is my neighbor doing? I decided to just go back to sleep. THEN I heard MORE and MORE and I'm thinking REALLY?!? So I get up and look again.... (notice the bottom left hand side this time.)

Enough said....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Plumber Brad

This is me standing over Brad making sure that I got a faucet that worked STAT!! :)

So there is a little leak but nothing a bucket cant fix until he gets the right parts! :)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Joys of Home Ownership!


SO the Toilet tank upstairs was leaking.... we didn't notice till a LITTLE too late.
This is the leaking water coming through the ceiling downstairs.....AWESOME!

Were a little upset about it.